What is double neutralization?

Two types of neutralization: spatial neutralization, which repels static electricity in the air, and contact neutralization, which suppresses the static electricity that occurs when you touch something.
This double neutralization feature reduces your risk of getting "zapped" by static electricity.


How does neutralization work?

Our secret is "stainless blended fiber".
Stainless metal fiber with high static removal effectiveness is used for surgery and in protective gear for high-voltage work. We processed these fibers into a commercial product that acts as a ground to neutralize electricity when worn.



New material! Stainless blended fiber

Stainless blended fiber was invented by Fujibo Holdings, Inc., a venerable fiber manufacturer with 122 years of history that has led the Japanese fiber industry with wide-ranging technological innovations. Processing stainless metal into blended fiber retains its performance while transforming it into a flexible material with an appealing texture. This contributes to the comfortable fit of ELEBLO®.


Featured in the Senken Shimbun newspaper!

Our ELEBLO® brand static reducing wristband, static reducing charm bracelet, static reducing hair accessory, and static reducing footies and short socks were showcased as examples of products using functional synthetic fibers in the October 10, 2018 Senken Shimbun newspaper.



着け方説明1Make sure the product is
touching your skin.

着け方説明2Two wristbands are
more effective than one.

着け方説明3For greater effectiveness, touch your
wristband before touching an object
that is likely to have static electricity.

*This product does not completely remove static electricity.
Static electricity reduction effect varies based on environmental conditions and usage situation.


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